Canadian small press publishing is an incredibly dynamic and exciting business, frought with incredible highs and frustrating lows. Turnstone's Bird on a Wire is part blog, part rant, and part resource. It's our place on the web to share our thoughts and experiences while working in Canadian publishing.

Brenda Hasiuk's Clash of Vocations

Years ago, when I was just starting out as a writer, I read a biography of Chekhov. He was a working MD, family man and story writer and struggled his entire life to find time for them all. Now, my day job does not involve aiding Russian villagers, and I’m not a genius, but turns out Chekhov and I do have this in common. Between working, family and writing, I am forever torn between vocations.

Mike Grandmaison on Photography

With autumn colours all around, it's the perfect time to take out your camera and start snapping pics. Mike Grandmaison, the Nationally-acclaimed photographer behind the award-winning Mike Grandmaison's Prairie and Beyond and the upcoming Mike Grandmaison's Ontario shares a few thoughts about the joys of photography.

Playing & Against & Type by Lydia Kwa

The small pieces of foundry type were wedged into 6.5-by-3.5-inch wooden trays, each tray selling for $20 at Ho Sun Hing print shop on East Pender. I’d read about the shop in a July 2012 article in The Vancouver Sun. I must have passed this shop countless times in my years living in Vancouver, visiting Chinatown numerous times since 1992, yet I’d never paid any notice.

2014 National Poetry Month Celebration

It's National Poetry Month and Turnstone Press is celebrating by bringing you a poem for everyday of the month. We've gathered together a broad selection of our talented poets, recorded their wonderfully rich voices as well as their reflections on the poems we feature. And if you like what you read and hear you can even pick up a copy of the whole collection with a special Poetry Month discount.

Leo Brent Robillard on Houdini's 140th Birthday

We take calculated risks every day: taking the car to work, eating fatty foods, drinking alcohol, smoking cigars. Some are safer bets than others. But all of us have a line we will not cross. Well, almost all of us. Erik Weisz—better known as Harry Houdini—will be 140 years old on March 24th of this year ...

Planning a Butterfly Garden

As February snowbanks grow ever higher around us, gardening may be the last thing on your mind. I know for a fact that gardeners are already flipping through catalogues and fingering seed packets in anticipation. Consider it a therapy of sorts to imagine aromatic blossoms bending in the hot summer breeze. And why not add butterflies to complete the picture? Have you ever considered growing plants that will attract butterflies?  

Sally Ito talks "Ekphrastic Encounters" with Jennifer Still

Turnstone poet Sally Ito talks with Jennifer Still, poetry editor for CV2, about "ekphrasis"—the poetic act of responding to a work of visual art through words. The poets reflect on the workshop they participated in at the University of Manitoba’s School of Art Gallery and The Centre for Creative Writing and Oral Culture last year, which was based on the gallery exhibit Re-Configuring Abstraction (curated by Mary Reid). The exhibit featured the abstract work of…

Vote Autumn, One Spring for Manitoba Reads Champion!!

The Manitoba Reads panel discussions were great, but the show isn't quite over. CBC is currently tallying votes for the winner of Manitoba Reads 2012. Voting is open until 5pm, Saturday, September 22nd so head on over to: Cast your vote for Autumn, One Spring and show Patti Grayson how much we're behind her.
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