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Blasphemer's Wheel by Patrick Friesen

Blasphemer's Wheel

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Lyric poet Patrick Friesen’s collection of new and selected poems shares stand-out moments of his life—from leaving the Mennonite Community to late-night trysts in Copenhagen in search of the perfect tattoo.

A representative collection of Patrick Friesen’s work to date, Blasphemer’s Wheel includes selections from the out-of-print the lands i am and bluebottle; The Shunning, poems about two Mennonite brothers living vastly different lives after one is shunned by their community; Flicker and Hawk, which encompasses the tenderness and brutality that can often accompany family, religious, and sexual love; Unearthly Horses, dealing with deaths and resurrections; and You Don’t Get to Be a Saint, a book of voices incorporating two dance projects and a radio piece. Also included are 23 new poems discussing the lyric poet’s life as a bad movie and the search for a tattoo in Copenhagen.

Blasphemer's Wheel is the winner of the 1994 McNally Robinson Book of the Year Award (Manitoba Writing and Publishing Awards).

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