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A Criminal to Remember by Michael Van Rooy

A Criminal to Remember


"A terrific story, engrossing and inventive. Van Rooy has upped the ‘anti’ in his hero and given us a character who is irresistible­—endlessly resourceful, morally complex, and very funny. Be a crime not to read it."

—Terry Griggs

Monty Haaviko, Winnipeg’s favourite househusband, babysitter, and ex-con, is running for chief of Winnipeg’s new police commission. It’s almost honest work, except that he’s been bribed to throw the election to his opponent, an ex-cop stooge of wealthy businessman, Cornelius Devanter. At the same time, Devanter’s archenemy has paid Monty an even bigger bribe to ensure the ex-cop loses. Monty is happy to oblige both, but once on the campaign trail, he realizes the good he can do for the citizens of Winnipeg if he wins.

Meanwhile, all is not quiet on the Haaviko home front. Claire, Monty’s beloved wife, starts receiving mysterious gifts and flowers from an anonymous stranger. When the RCMP links the gifts to a series of gruesome ­murders, Monty realizes the police aren’t telling him everything about his wife’s admirer—a serial killer called the Shy Man. For once, Monty is stumped: how does an ordinary, decent, friendly neighbourhood criminal like him understand the mind of a psychopathic monster? In this third episode of the Monty Haaviko thrillers, Monty is tried to the fullest extent of his wits to protect his family and the good citizens of Winnipeg.

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