My Studio: Ted Dyck

Calling my WorDoctor office a studio is precious—it’s a workplace, and, since I’m one of the lucky ones for whom work and play are indistinguishable, it’s also my play-space.


My Studio: Richard Scarsbrook

I would like to begin with a bold statement like “The WORLD is my studio!”, or “I write wherever and whenever The Muse finds me”; I would like to say that The Muse finds me scribbling frantically in a Moleskine at a café on the Left Bank in Paris, or atop the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, but in reality she just stands there tapping her toe and glancing at her watch while I mop spilled coffee from the keyboard on my little desk in my little Toronto apartment.


My Studio: David Arnason

I like to write overlooking water. I know that some writers find the natural world a distraction. They would sooner be cocooned in an enclosed space where there is nothing but the writer and his words.


My Studio: Lydia Kwa

Meet the creatures who hang out on my crowded and messy writing desk—there’s Monique the odd Ceratopsian (“horned face”) dinosaur, with a twisted torso; Thelma the cute Rhodochrosite owl; and several smaller crystals and stones.

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