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Pond Memories

Pond Memories
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ISBN: 9780888013460
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"Wildlife rehabilitators, or wildlife custodians, as we are now called in Ontario, often do not have the opportunity to monitor the lives of their wards once they have been released to the wild. Sometimes that may be just as well, as even youngsters raised by their natural mothers often do not survive the first year of their lives or, for that matter, the first few months."

So writes Lil Anderson, author of Pond Memories. Lil is well known in the Lake of the Woods area for her extensive wildlife rehabilitation work and in Pond Memories she recounts her experiences nurturing the creatures that people less skilled bring to her.

Much of the action focuses on the antics of the menagerie in and around the pond on her property. (Originally dug for a young beaver named Eh.) Lil learns to cope with Brownie, a young bull moose who came to her half-drowned and suffering from pneumonia, and whose appetite for clay, squashed caterpillars, and rotting aquatic vegetation made Lil's stomach curdle.

Lil also raises a kit vixen fox, who one day happily leaves the makeshift den Lil had built, but not before retrieving a stuffed toy she slept with. And no tale of animal rehab would be complete with the appearance of a new beaver kit called Cameron.

Readers will enjoy the heart-warming story of Lil's life with creatures big and small, a life full of trials, triumphs, and heartbreak. This glimpse at the ways of Canadian wildlife reveals they are different from us, but not so much as we often imagine.


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"I have just finished reading Lil Anderson’s Pond Memories: More Tales from a Wildlife Rehabilitator, and the book is a treasure … Lil’s latest book belongs in the library of any Northwestern Ontario resident with a devotion to our rich environment. Younger readers with similar interests will appreciate this book as well." – Phil Burke, author of Natural Acquaintances

"Anderson says that raising wild animals is "an emotional roller-coaster." Indeed, she evokes the bittersweet emotions of returning an animal that she has cared for to the wild."  – Graeme Voyer, Winnipeg Free Press

"[...] After two-and-a-half decades in the field [Anderson] will soon be retiring from animal rehabilitation. Hopefully, Anderson will continue writing, sharing her interesting, amusing and insightful stories to inspire and educate future generations of wildlife caregivers." – Reg Clayton, Lake of the Woods Enterprise

"The book does offer interesting insight into young animal behaviour, and shows how Anderson struggles to cut emotional ties and transition her charges back to the landscape." – Staff, Homemakers.com

"Some books are just charming. Lil Anderson's Pond Memories: More Tails from a Wildlife Rehabilitator is one … Anderson is a delight.” – Quentin Mills-Fenn, Uptown Magazine Online

"Anderson's stories are a mixture of success and failure, or, as the back cover says, "of triumph and tears." The reader will experience these emotional highs and lows along with Anderson." – Donna Gamache, Prairie Fire Magazine

"In this delightful and engrossing book, Lil Anderson grabs us by the heartstrings and takes us on the emotional roller coaster that she rides on an almost daily basis ... It is a hard book to put down." Roger Turenne, President, Nature Manitoba

Lil Anderson

Lil Anderson spends every minute she can outdoors. When she is not working as a Fish and Wildlife Technician for Ontario's Ministry of Natural Resources, she and husband Bruce Ranta rehabilitate woodland creatures on their Kenora-area property, known as Iggy's Wildlife Rehab Centre.

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