Animate Objects by Alan WilsonAnimate Objects by Alan Wilson
ISBN: 9780888011923
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Animate Objects

It is small.


It fits in the palm of your hand.


You would recognize this unremarkable office object by its rubber texture and barely two inch length.

To the scientist, it is just an eraser. To the poet, the eraser moves about with the indecision of its owner, losing itself a piece at a time. To the poet, the eraser has life, meaning, value.


Animate Objects, Alan Wilson’s collection of 35 poems, breathes fresh air into the mundane objects we interact with daily. They come alive, understand, live and breathe, and most of all, they feel. Whether they are the unseeable, like “Radio Waves,” or the “Suitcase” that sees the world along with us, the objects of our lives are given life.

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