Bird on a Wire

Joanna Lilley reflects on the deeply heartbreaking but necessary task of writing extinct animals back to life.

In this new UnderCover interview, we chat with Victoria Markstrom, Curator for the Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre, about the work and legacy of Mary Anning, whose artwork is featured on the cover of Joanna Lilley's Endlings.

In our latest Quatrain Questions interview, Su Croll explains the art of grieving in Cold Metal Stairs.

In this UnderCover interview, we chat with Agatha Fast Doerksen, that artist behind the cover of Dora Dueck'sAll That Belongs.

Stories function as a time capsule for me, a place to preserve emotional truths—the feelings, if not the facts.

Shirley Camia discusses writing with and through grief in this new Quatrain Questions interview.

In this UnderCover interview, we chat with Laura Carter, that artist behind the watercolour image on the cover of Lauren Carter's Following Sea.

Di Brandt provides some truly fascinating insight into the careful work that went into writing her latest collection, Glitter & fall: Laozi's Dao De Jing: Transinhalations.

Lauren Carter discusses how to stay the course during a lengthy (and deeply personal) writing process in our latest Quatrain Questions interview.

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