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Safe at Home

While the grass greens and the trees and flowers bloom this spring, Turnstone, with the support of the province of Manitoba, wants to make sure you stay Safe at Home.

In partnership with Safe at Home Manitoba we have commissioned and created a streaming series of literary animations and adaptations to help you fill those moments that need filling, when you feel that you just can't take another moment in your home. 

Our Safe at Home videos launched with an animated short film written and directed by Shirley Camia featuring the poem "What You Can't Take with You" from her collection Mercy. Featuring animation by Rosie Holtom and edited by Viktor Pesenti, What You Can't Take with You taps into the longing we're all feeling these days. With a haunting musical score by Kat Estacio (of the Polaris Prize nominated band Pantayo), What You Can't Take With You will stay with you long after you've left your screen.

More videos have followed, including a new video poem from Diane Tucker's forthcoming Nostalgia for Moving Parts, and work from Sarah Ens' The World is Mostly Sky and Joanna Lilley's Englings. In addition to our poetry there is a beautiful piece featuring Sally Ito's The Emperor's Orphans and a new hilarious recipe from everyone's favourite Athenian Celebrity Chef, Pelops from Kraken Bake. We still have a video or two to upload and some videos will feature extra content by way of an article or two, so stay tuned. 

So if you need to laugh, cry, or just feel something different visit back here, youtube or your favourite social platform and we'll have something new for you while we all stay Safe at Home.


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