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Bestiary, The

ISBN 9780888016690

cold press moon

ISBN 9780888016737

Lunatic Engine

ISBN 9780888016935

Once Removed

ISBN 9780888017093


Winner, Fred Kerner Book Award

ISBN 9780888016898

World is Mostly Sky, The

[The poems in The World Is Mostly Sky] haunt. They ricochet. They pierce and shine.

ISBN 9780888017055

Yams do not exist

Yams Do Not Exist finds footholds in Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy, footnoting a twisting, prairie roadmap to romance, by turns hellish and sublime.

ISBN 9780888016775

Cold Metal Stairs

ISBN 9780888016850

All That Belongs

ISBN 9780888016812

Don't Try This at Home

ISBN 9780888016539


ISBN 9780888016614

Salvation of Yasch Siemens, The

ISBN 9780888016294

Following Sea

ISBN 9780888016577

Emperor’s Orphans, The

ISBN 9780888015679

Eye of the Beholder, The

ISBN 9780888016492

Glitter and fall

ISBN 9780888016454


ISBN 9780888016416


ISBN 9780888016379

Air Is Elastic, The

ISBN 9780888016331

Best of All Possible Worlds, The

ISBN 9780888016256

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