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Your Friendly Neighbourhood Criminal

Save: $-7.20

Ex-criminal Montgomery "Monty" Haaviko would rather be ...

You Don't Get to Be a Saint

Save: $-4.48

You Don’t Get to Be a Saint is a sharp-edged collage full ...

Yams do not exist

Save: $-8.55

A dizzying display of literary opulence and allusion, Yams ...

Wittenbergs, The

Save: $-9.45

Things are not well with the Wittenbergs.

Without Benefit Of Words

Save: $-4.03

These are gentle, serious poems which draw on all the ...

Wire-Thin Bride

Save: $-4.03

The Wire-Thin Bride, Cornelia Hoogland's first ...

Why Isn't Everybody Dancing?

Save: $-4.03

 Renowned story-teller Marra Haas writes of a mystical ...

Where the Winds Dwell

Save: $-8.53

Where the Winds Dwell is a letter from a father to ...

Where Shadows Burn

Save: $-7.20

Award-winning author Catherine Hunter serves up a haunting ...

Where Calling Birds Gather

Save: $-7.65

Where Calling Birds Gather is a poetic journey spanning ...

When it Rains

Save: $-6.73

Restless and bored with the lightweight stories she ...

What You Get at Home

Save: $-8.55

Full of longing and melancholy, the stories in What You Get ...

What We All Want

Save: $-8.55

Michelle Berry’s brilliant first novel is as touching as it ...

What the Bear Said

Save: $-8.55

For a thousand years, its inhabitants passed down oral ...

What Lies Behind

Save: $-7.65

What Lies Behind, Luann Hiebert’s debut collection ...

What birds can only whisper

Save: $-8.08

What birds can only whisper is an engrossing ...

Waterlily Pickers

Save: $-1.80

Full of reverence and shot through with loss, these ...

Walking to Mojacar

Save: $-7.65

Di Brandt captures the human heart in love, in crisis, or ...

Walking Through Fire

Save: $-3.15

In the fifteenth century, a tide of witch-hunts swept ...

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