Accountable Advances by Dave WilliamsonAccountable Advances by Dave Williamson
ISBN: 9780888011800
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Accountable Advances

When a young couple is caught planning premarital sex while “Courting in 1957,” her conservative parents throw her for a loop by locking the pair in a bedroom, refusing to let them out until they’ve carried out their plan.


“The Nocturnal Jogger” uses his nightly exercise as an excuse for an extramarital affair until he becomes a suspect in a rash of midnight break-ins of houses directly on his route.


In “Old Market Square,” a hotdog vendor sets up his cart on a deserted downtown street after midnight only to have the most profitable night of his life.


Accountable Advances is a collection of twelve short stories that reveal the strange and subtle nuances of everyday life. Light and entertaining tales are told about secrecy, crises, and the unexpected crossroads that people often overlook.

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