Autumn, One Spring

Autumn, One Spring

ISBN: 9780888013743
Author: Patti Grayson

Every time Autumn Greene opens her mouth, an ugly, steaming pile of truth falls out. This hasn’'t changed in the six years since she fled her home town of Hematite, Ontario. Now that she’s back, the truth-bombs are flying once again, exposing secrets and guilty agendas throughout the community.

Hoping for exoneration, Autumn returns unannounced and uninvited a few days before her big sister Christine’s wedding. In tow is the daughter she conceived in a one-time encounter with Christine’s ex-fiancé. Once burned, twice angry, Christine does all she can to make Autumn unwelcome. Despite her cool reception, Autumn discovers doors to new possibilities when she comes face to face with her high school crush.

Autumn, One Spring is a humour-infused drama that takes truthfulness in relationships seriously.

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