Be Wolf

Be Wolf

ISBN: 9780888013217
Author: Wayne Tefs

Winner of the 2000 McNally Robinson Book of the Year

German doctor and inventor, Reinhold Kaletsch, has come to Manitoba for the winter to visit his property near Swan River. Hoping to clear some trees, his plans are suspended when the ice breakup begins and his property is too flooded to reach. Reinhold decides to go exploring instead.

His truck packed full of provisions, Reinhold heads out to investigate the Churchill River System with his two dogs, but an accident leaves his car stalled and his back broken in the middle of the frozen tundra, far away from civilization. Running out of food, but still needing time to heal, Reinhold must summon the courage to stay alive.

Novelist and editor Wayne Tefs delivers a thrilling novel based on a real-life experience in Be Wolf: A True Account of the Survival of Reinhold Kaletsch. Kaletsch had a taste for adventure, fulfilling his creed: "a life without risks is one not worth living."

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