Moon Lake

Moon Lake

ISBN: 9780888012517
Author: Wayne Tefs

At Moon Lake the moose come to drink and the waves lap on the rocky shores of the Canadian Shield. But the serenity of the land and lake are disturbed by the inexorable violence that follows the LaFlamme family through several decades.

LaFlamme is an abusive and explosive man who hurts everyone around him. When he meets a violent end, everyone is suspect: his wife and children, whom he tormented, the farm hands he mistreated, and the Native trappers he cheated. No one laments putting him in the ground, but that doesn't end the pain that LaFlamme has brought to Moon Lake, and his children must follow their own paths to healing.

The dispersed siblings are summoned back to Moon Lake by another death, and the wounds of twenty-five years ago are re-opened. Despite their resentments, Moon Lake is the place of this family's birth and they cannot shake its pull. LaFlamme has left a vacuum in their lives that each must fill.

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