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Nostalgia for Moving Parts

Poised between thoughts of mortality and an exquisite taste for the most tender, small details of life, the poems in Nostalgia for Moving Parts are whimsical, quirky, and resonant with memory. Deeply grounded in the rainy mists and green reeds of the Canadian west coast, solitude becomes a spiritual practice transmuting loneliness and loss into grand appreciations for the gift of childhood and the untravelled road ahead.

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Advanced Praise

When Diane Tucker hangs up a payphone in Nostalgia for Moving Parts' title poem, she observes that 'there is (oh unexpected pleasure) a real click.' When she lays down to sleep: 'the prayers / that fight up through me make a sort of hum.' Click and hum. Nostalgia and prayer. What's been and what will always be. Nostalgia for Moving Parts reminds us how to hear and see the ephemeral in the eternal and the eternal in the ephemeral: the moving parts of all our lives.

--Rob Taylor, Strangers