On the Fly by Wayne TefsOn the Fly by Wayne Tefs
ISBN: 9780888014023
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On the Fly

A passion that would sell out an arena’s worth of season tickets in mere minutes. A passion that would electrify the home team and send shivers down their opponents’ spines. A passion that sports fans live for each and every season.

Part chronicle, part memoir, part essay, and rant, On the Fly follows the return of professional hockey to the river city, capturing the thrill of every faceoff from the fan’s view in the stands. From the last minute goals to the missed calls, On the Fly brings a true “gut” reaction to hockey. What’s more, Tefs reflects on what it is to be a fan and lose yourself in the ecstasy and agony of the game.

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Advanced Praise

Tefs' memoir is a clear reminder that even if you're a loving parent, respected scholar, or tree hugging yogi, the passion you have for your hockey team brings out your primal instincts; before you know it you're painting your face, putting on a jersey and joining the masses cheering for your heroes, then crying out for blood!

Andi Petrillo, CBC Hockey Night in Canada

Short listed for the 2013 Alexander Kennedy Isbister Award for Non-Fiction