Happiness is a Rare Bird by Gene WalzHappiness is a Rare Bird by Gene Walz
ISBN: 9780888015839
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Happiness is a Rare Bird: Living the Birding Life

There is nothing better than the sight of a rare bird. Whether sitting in your backyard when an errant traveller stops by, or trekking to an exotic location, every encounter is a gift.

With quirky terms such as vagabonds, endemics, fall-out, jinx birds, and lifers, the unique birding community brings together kindred spirits to marvel at the incredible diversity of their avian subjects.

From common house sparrows to the spectacular Cock of the Rock (front cover), every bird is a beauty. Through his numerous memorable birding experiences, Walz paints a picture of the life that is as colourful as the birds he has seen. In nearly every continent around the world he’s found happiness and it truly is a rare bird.

Advanced Praise

As a "recovering" birdwatcher, I find Gene Walz’s Happiness is a Rare Bird, a rare treat of a read. From Ecuador, to the Arctic, to his backyard in Winnipeg, Walz has written a funny, charming, sweet, engaging series of stories filled with amazing insights.

Charles F. Rattigan, Executive Director, Vermont Institute of Natural Science

Short-listed for the 2017 High Plains Book Awards Creative Nonfiction