Pond Memories

Pond Memories by Lil Anderson


Pond Memories

This glimpse at the ways of Canadian wildlife reveals that the animals are different from us, but not so much as we often imagine

Heartwarming tales of triumph and tears fill the pages of Pond Memories, Lil Anderson's second collection of experiences as a wildlife rehabilitator.

With first-hand experience, Anderson recounts episodes of life with wild animals: enduring playfully intended but painful kicks from Brownie, a young bull moose who nearly died from pneumonia, having her overalls become the object of affection for Cameron, an amorous young beaver, and learning how to “speak” deer with Persephone, a tiny, but fiercely independent fawn.

In Pond Memories, Anderson brings her readers to the animal world, teaching respect for her patients’ non-humanness, while showing that wild animals have their own ways of expressing love, joy, anger, and pain. Always mindful of the risk of imprinting on her wild charges, Anderson drives home the message that, once helped and healed, these creatures must return to their natural habitat.

Advanced Praise

In this delightful and engrossing book, Lil Anderson grabs us by the heartstrings and takes us on the emotional roller coaster that she rides on an almost daily basis ... It is a hard book to put down.

Roger Turenne, President, Nature Manitoba


I have just finished reading Lil Anderson'’s ‘Pond Memories: More Tales from a Wildlife Rehabilitator,’ and the book is a treasure. …Lil’'s latest book belongs in the library of any Northwestern Ontario resident with a devotion to our rich environment. Younger readers with similar interests will appreciate this book as well.

Phil Burke, author of Natural Acquaintances

Anderson says that raising wild animals is "an emotional roller-coaster." Indeed, she evokes the bittersweet emotions of returning an animal that she has cared for to the wild

Graeme Voyer, Winnipeg Free Press

[...] after two-and-a-half decades in the field [Anderson] will soon be retiring from animal rehabilitation. Hopefully, Anderson will continue writing, sharing her interesting, amusing and insightful stories to inspire and educate future generations of wildlife caregivers

Reg Clayton, Lake of the Woods Enterprise

Some books are just charming. Lil Anderson's Pond Memories: More Tails from a Wildlife Rehabilitator is one. Anderson is a delight.

Quentin Mills-Fenn, Uptown Magazine

Anderson's stories are a mixture of success and failure, or, as the back cover says, "of triumph and tears." The reader will experience these emotional highs and lows along with Anderson

Donna Gamache, Prairie Fire Magazine

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