Smouldering Incense, Hammered Brass by Heather Burles
Smouldering Incense, Hammered Brass

In Damascus machine guns outnumber purses, and insecticide fogs roll through the streets,...

One Room in a Castle by Karen Connelly
One Room in a Castle

One Room in a Castle is an adventurous and intimate portrait of the rural Mediterranean,...

Grace & Poison by Karen Connelly
Grace and Poison

The Small Words in My Body and The Disorder of Love in a single ­volume that includes a...

Lost in Moscow by Kirsten Koza
Lost in Moscow

When most parents consider sending their child to summer camp, they imagine a sunny lake...

Touch the Dragon by Karen Connelly
Touch The Dragon: A Thai Journal

Winner of the 1993 Governor General's Award for Nonfiction At the age of 17, the...

Kabloona in the Yellow Kayak by Victoria Jason
Kabloona in the Yellow Kayak: One Woman's...

During the summers of 1991 through 1994 Victoria Jason and two companions--Fred Reffler...

Island of the Human Heart by Laurie Gough
Island of the Human Heart

Thomas Cook/Daily Telegraph Travel Book Award FinalistForeword Magazine’s Silver Medal...

Ordinary Magic by Meeka Walsh
Ordinary Magic

Award-winning writer Meeka Walsh kept these journals while travelling - in Israel, Rome...

Hollow Water by Pete Sarsfield
Hollow Water

Hollow Water is a follow-up to Sarsfield's popular Running with the Caribou and is told...

Running with the Caribou by Pete Sarsfield
Running With The Caribou

Pete Sarsfield paints his stories in the words of a true traveler, who lives exactly...

Chinese Brushstrokes by Sandra Hutchison
Chinese Brushstrokes

In the autumn of 1998, nine months before the Tiananmen Uprising, Sandra Hutchison...