seas move away

ISBN 9780888017536

Sweetest Dance On Earth, The

ISBN 9780888017352

Black Umbrella

A tough and tender collection that contributes to one of the most compelling narratives of the modern age - the contemporary family in transition.

ISBN 9780888017475


A deeply personal long poem about migration and legacy and their resonance in a modern world.

ISBN 9780888017567

Death Becomes Us

Death Becomes Us captures, with masterful grace and restraint, the intensity of absence and the importance of grief.

ISBN 9780888017321

Cattail Skyline

ISBN 9780888017239

Nostalgia for Moving Parts

Nostalgia for Moving Parts reminds us how to hear and see the ephemeral in the eternal and the eternal in the ephemeral: the moving parts of all our lives.

ISBN 9780888017277

Tree of Life, The

ISBN 9780888017178

Bestiary, The

ISBN 9780888016690

cold press moon

ISBN 9780888016737

Lunatic Engine

ISBN 9780888016935


ISBN 9780888016898

World is Mostly Sky, The

[The poems in The World Is Mostly Sky] haunt. They ricochet. They pierce and shine.

ISBN 9780888017055

Cold Metal Stairs

ISBN 9780888016850


ISBN 9780888016614

Following Sea

ISBN 9780888016577

Glitter and fall

ISBN 9780888016454


ISBN 9780888016379

Air Is Elastic, The

ISBN 9780888016331

Apocalypse One Hundred

ISBN 9780888016034

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