Glitter and fall by Di BrandtGlitter and fall by Di Brandt
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Glitter & fall

In this unusual collection, poet Di Brandt combines inter-continental transportation, literary re-translation and creative expression, to bring us ecstatic, inspired poems. Glitter & fall’s transinhalations of Laozi’s Dao De Jing, set in the Canadian prairies and highlighting aspects of the Divine Feminine, offer both homage to a venerable Chinese tradition and spiritual practice, and a renewed understanding of what these great poems might mean to us now.

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Advanced Praise

Glitter & fall is eye-opening, a gift to the world! The poems are radiant performances of connectivity and creative spirituality, full of wise paradoxes, celebrating the female and the maternal, while seeing and embracing grace and benign energy in all creatures, human and non-human. Drawing on the ancient wisdom of Laozi and the great tradition of meditation and illumination his teachings inspired, the poems participate in “hatching out/our as yet unimagined future,” with stylish aplomb.
—Maria Löschnigg, Professor of English Literature and Culture, University of Graz, Austria

Glitter & fall sets a very high standard of linguistic excellence and density, with its open vowels and clicking consonants, its rich metaphors, and profusion and exuberance of sensory detail, all reminders that Di Brandt herself is not only a wise counsellor, but also a gifted wordsmith, as attentive to the weight and placing of letter and syllable as she is to nuance, verbal association and literary echoes. This, indeed, is the Way of poetry.
—Gary Geddes, author of The Resumption of Play and What Does A House Want?

Di Brandt’s evocative, moving cosmology carries us along like a river.  Stored and storied inside the tonal images, sounds, pauses and very structure of the poems is a deep spiritual knowing/knowledge. Drawing on the ancient wellspring of Daoism and fully engaged with her present, Brandt shows us with sage attention that poetic language is capable of conveying the deep measure of the spiritual: “The Spirit enters even where/there are no openings.”
—Lillian Allen, author of Anxiety and Freedom & Dance

Shortlisted for the 2019 McNally Robinson Book of the Year Award Shortlisted for the Fred Cogswell Award for Excellence in Poetry