Ptarmaggedon by Karen Dudley


Book four of the Robyn Devara series


Research scientist and amateur sleuth Robyn Devara is looking forward to a trip to the Yukon with her boyfriend, Kelt Roberson, when he tells about the bloody murder of a reclusive ptarmigan researcher. Robyn can't ignore a mystery and her curiosity is further piqued when she learns field notes have been left to her by the victim—an ornithologist named Selena Barry—a woman Robyn doesn't remember meeting.

The notes reveal the ptarmigan might be on the verge of ecological disaster. Robyn discovers Barry was investigating a possible connection between the meek ground birds and an abandoned gold mine. While chasing down the mystery, Robyn encounters a flock of suitable suspects—Selena's lover, Willa, a talented but skittish artist given to jealous outbursts; Ed, an Australian geologist with a keen interest in gemstones; Jocelyn, the overtly mothering owner of the Willow Creek and Wilderness Retreat--and wonders: who could have killed the scientist?

At the isolated research camp Robyn pieces together the mystery, all the while wondering if the killer will strike again.


...the best book in the Devara series so far.

The Globe and Mail

Karen Dudley's newest book in the Robyn Devara mystery series is out, and it's a good one... it is obvious she knows what she writes about.

Prairie Fire Magazine

...enjoyable page-turner…Dudley appeals to a large potential readership of armchair travelers, wilderness lovers and people who enjoy a good puzzle.

Winnipeg Free Press

[Karen Dudley] walks the fine line between having a lot of humour without losing the horror that comes with violent murders. Robyn Devara laughs when she can, cries when she must, and keeps on keeping on, if not for justice for then for her own survival. It makes her human and easy to relate to.

Deidre Hemminger Gould, Winnipeg FIRST Review

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