Tombstone Blues by Chadwick GintherTombstone Blues by Chadwick Ginther
ISBN: 9780888014450
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Tombstone Blues

After beating back the might of Surtur, Ted Callan is getting used to his immortal powers. The man who once would stop at nothing to rid himself of his tattoos and their power might even be said to be enjoying his new-found abilities.

However, not everyone is happy the glory of Valhalla has risen from the ashes of Ragnarök. With every crash of Mjölnir, Thor, former god of thunder, rages in Niflheim, the land of the dead.


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Ginther layers his rejuvenated Nine Worlds with a crackling good narrative and action set pieces that practically cry out for a Guillermo del Toro adaptation (I’'m seeing Josh Brolin as a good choice for Ted).

Corey Redekop

The book's action set-pieces could anchor a Peter Jackson movie, but it’s the personal side that adds depth.

Helen Michaud, AE - The Canadian Science Fiction Review

Ginther's mythos, bringing Norse gods and magical creatures within Manitoba's borders, is complexly woven...

Chris Rutkowski, Winnipeg Free Press

Ginther has a Bardic authorial voice that aids in weaving a tale of stunning imagery and fast-paced action.

Kerry Unruh, Rhubarb Magazine

Short-listed for the 2014 Aurora Awards

Short-listed for the 2014 Carol Shields Winnipeg Book Award