Stealing John Hancock

Stealing John Hancock

Stealing John Hancock bursts from the first page like a horse at the gate and never stops running.

ISBN: 9780888017628
Author: H & A Christensen

Stealing John Hancock bursts from the first page like a horse at the gate and never stops running.

John "JP" Hancock’s day just got a whole lot worse. After a nasty breakup and being scammed into an acting job that doesn’t exist, JP suddenly finds himself the unwitting victim of an identity theft that has police detective Nya Grey hot on his heels for multimillion-dollar real estate fraud he didn’t commit.

With the police closing in, JP finds an unlikely ally in the Vindicator, a secretive and brilliant hacker who agrees to help clear his name by whatever means necessary. But there’s more to the story than meets the eye, and they soon find themselves at the centre of a high-stakes international pursuit with a master con artist. Failure to outwit him could land them in prison or far worse, but if they succeed, the payoff includes the ultimate revenge.

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Stealing John Hancock bursts from the first page like a horse at the gate and never stops running. It’s a wild ride. With murderers willing to do anything to get what they want from JP, and federal agents only a step behind, you simply can’t put this book down. H&A Christensen have crafted an unforgettable story of stolen identities, where you can trust no one. Complications unfold so rapidly and are put to rest so smoothly that you won’t ever want this book to end. I’m just hoping there will be a sequel.

Michelle Berry, author of the thriller Everything Turns Away

Book Club Questions
  • Why do you think JP decides to follow Erika? Do you think you would trust her if you were in JP’s position?
  • On more than one occasion, JP embarks upon flights of fancy. How does this tendency serve JP, and does it have any impact on your impression of him as a character?
  • Erika has a unique base of operations. What do you think about where and how she is set up? What to your mind is the perfect set up for a base of operations for heroes and for villains?
  • Do you think JP and Erika make a good match? Why or why not?
  • H&A Christensen subvert typical thriller expectations on more than one occasion. What was the biggest surprise for you?
  • In your opinion, what motivates Beth Marley and her actions? Is she a sympathetic character? Why or why not?
  • Is Cliff Marley a sympathetic character? Why or why not?
  • What do you think Stealing John Hancock says about living with trauma, based on the various ways it manifests for its different characters? (I.e., JP, Erika, the Marleys, Grey)
  • How does the character of Nya Grey compare with other female police officers you’ve encountered in film/books/TV? Is there anything about her and her story that stands out as being unique to her?
  • “If you think you’re in control, you’re sorely mistaken.” Why do you think this phrase resonates with Grey in the way it does?
  • What do you think Stealing John Hancock says about identity theft and how to protect oneself in the digital age?
  • If Stealing John Hancock were made into a movie, who would you like to see in the starring roles?
  • When JP loses his name, he is forced to question what makes him who he is. What do you think Stealing John Hancock says about the nature of identity and how we construct our sense of self?
  • The Marleys’ lose their home, Cliff finds the concept of “home” elusive, JP has no home, Grey is caught between two ideas of home. What is the meaning of home to you and how does it tie in to a sense of belonging?
  • Erika accuses JP of buying into the “American Dream” that to be happy you need to consume and acquire, that you need more and more “stuff.” Is that a fair characterization of JP? Is it what gets him into bigger and bigger messes, culminating in the theft of his identity?

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