The Valedictorians

The Valedictorians by David Annandale


The Valedictorians

Blaylock is back! This time she's taking the fight to Capitol Hill. Complete with the operatic action Canada's fiercest rogue soldier is known for, Blaylock faces who will be the head of the class.


Revenge should be easy. A multinational corporation kills your family. You raze it to the ground. When it rises again, you blast it to pieces.

But Blaylock made a mistake: she showed mercy. Now, deputy CIA director Joe Chapel has gathered an army of graduates from the School of the Americas to shape the United States into his own fanatical vision. And he will stop at nothing to succeed.

However, Blaylock has more to worry about than just  Chapel. Her lover Michael Flanagan, once a touchstone of humanity, now craves destruction almost as much as she does. And her mercenary allies are as stable as rabid dogs. Like it or not, they’ll be needed as Blaylock and Chapel charge Capitol Hill for the most epic showdown the US has ever seen.

In this third episode of the Jen Blaylock series, Canada’s most fearsome rogue soldier finishes the job she started.

This time she won’t make the same mistake.

Short-listed for the 2012 Michael Van Rooy Award for Genre Fiction
Advanced Praise

Jen Blaylock will kick your ass!

Susie Moloney, author of The Dwelling


When David Annandale writes a story, no one is safe ... sit back and enjoy the ride.

David Jon Fuller, Prairie Books Now

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