Stealing John Hancock

Cover: Stealing John Hancock by H & A Christensen showing a woman in silhouette walking down a dark alley


Stealing John Hancock

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John “JP” Hancock’s day just got a whole lot worse. After a nasty breakup and being scammed into an acting job that doesn’t exist, JP suddenly finds himself the unwitting victim of identity theft and has Detective Nya Grey hot on his heels for multi-million-dollar real estate fraud he didn’t commit.

With the police closing in, JP finds an unlikely ally in The Vindicator, a secretive and brilliant hacker who agrees to help clear his name by whatever means necessary. But there’s more to the story than meets the eye, and they soon find themselves at the centre of a high-stakes international pursuit with a master con artist. Failure to outwit him could land them in prison or far worse, but if they succeed, the payoff includes the ultimate setup for revenge.

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