Bush Camp

Bush Camp

ISBN: 9780888013248
Author: Marvin Francis

A dynamic poetry collection of dry wit and powerful commentary, bush camp features a roster of strikingly original characters and Marvin Francis’s trademark subversive wordplay.

bush camp

is both a politically engaged achievement and a highly personal one, and is a fifitting addition to the unmistakable idiom of Francis. He describes the physical rigors of a railroad camp as well as the complex demands of the urban reserve. Poems splash out on the page in a wildly creative exploration of the clash of rural and urban, First Nations and majority cultures.

From bush camp foreword by Warren Cariou, author of Lake of the Prairies

“[Marvin] was a master at traversing boundaries, especially those of class and race and education. And because he moved so often between different worlds—from the Rez to the streets of Winnipeg to the halls of academe—he was able to produce a uniquely boundary-crossing art, one that situates his Cree culture very much in a contemporary, media saturated, globalized and commodified landscape. This ability marks him as one of the most innovative and compelling recent voices in Canadian literature.”

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