Exquisite Monsters by K.I. PressExquisite Monsters by K.I. Press
ISBN: 9780888015259
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Exquisite Monsters

Fearless and weird, K. I. Press splays open motherhood and mourning, laying them cheek by jowl next to biomechanical androids, and explosions of pop culture myths.

And with every copy of Exquisite Monsters, enjoy your very own phantasmagorical, gender defying, reconfigurable, exquisite monster making machine. Perforated for her/his pleasure.

Advanced Praise

Monsters and motherhood, fairy tales and freaks, Exquisite Monsters captures the desire and ambivalence that fuel our attachments and our fears as K.I. Press deftly crafts poems that evoke raw emotion and wry detachment, sometimes simultaneously. Hilarious and unsettling in the best way imaginable, these poems exemplify precision and playfulness tempered with a perfect dose of abjection. Everyone should read this book.

Heather Milne, Prismatic Publics


Dark and brutal, the poems never calm down and never let up.

Jonathan Ball, Winnipeg Free Press

Press knows how to give the reader disquieting fun.

James K. Moran, Arc Poetry Magazine

Exquisite Monsters will bring out your inner art monster. Get someone else to lick your stamps. You're busy creating.

Joanne Kelly

Long-listed for the 2016 ReLit Award