Montage For An Interstellar Cry by Andrew SuknaskiMontage For An Interstellar Cry by Andrew Suknaski
ISBN: 9780888010483
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Montage For An Interstellar Cry

Since the mid 70's, Andrew Suknaski has been one of Canada's major writers of the sense of place and the ethnic experience. As the Globe and Mail has said, "If Canada ever needed an argument for the regional artist, Andrew Suknaski is it."

In his new long poem, Montage for an Interstellar Cry, Suknaski draws on his roots in the experimental poetry of the 60's to produce a pyrotechnic collage encompassing the MX missile, Wood Mountain, Pinochet's Chile, prehistoric man and the world of urban fringes -- all co-ordinates in the embrace of an interstellar cry.

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