Talking to Wendigo

Talking to Wendigo

ISBN: 9780888013040
Author: John Goodman

When a local guide goes missing in the woods north of Lake Superior, William Longstaffe, a retired English professor who retreated to the isolation of his cabin in the wilderness after the death of his wife, unwillingly becomes involved in the search for the missing man--and the eventual discovery of his body. The trail soon leads to more deaths and the haunting legend of a lost gold mine.

Drawn into the mystery by Jack Crowfoot, a handyman William hired to fix up his cabin, he soon discovers there is more to Jack than meets the eye. As Jack introduces a reluctant William into the spirit world, he gradually comes to terms with his life and begins to see the possibility of a new relationship with the town café owner Maggie Frazer.

As Jack and William pursue clues to the murder, they meet a cast of possible suspects -- local eccentric Crazy Crazy; Hollywood actor Lance Rockwell and his beautiful wife Carolyn; Andy Polsky, owner of Andy's Adrenaline Wilderness Tours; has-been movie star Tyler Westman; Harry Perkins, a vacationing stockbroker; and two geologist with something to hide. The situation soon gets out of control, until Jack and William find themselves alone in the bush with the killer -- and the sinister presence of a forest spirit called Wendigo.

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